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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Aquarius Love Horoscopes 2014

There are high speculations of a romantic tour for the Aquarians right in the first month of the year. This could be probably to a dessert or a hot place away to nature. These people will  take the initiative to propose the one they love in heart and will succeed in it too, as the person will instantly reciprocate their love feelings.

According to Aquarius Romantic Forecasts 2014, these people will try to look for a new life partner due to lack of understanding with the existing partner. Chances of a divorce or breakup are high for the Aquarians in the middle of the year, so be prepared or do your best to avoid it. Try not to allow your partner to interfere too much in your professional life, else you might have to suffer at the end.

Wedding bells will ring in soon for the eligible Aquarians in the months of June and July and a majority of these will be arranged marriages brought to success by neighbors. Those already married might postpone their plans to expand their family in the first half of the year but they will agree to do so in the latter half.

Aquarians will form best love matches with Gemini, Leo and Scorpio people. On the other hand, these people will be least interested in any sort of love bond with Sagittarius, Libra and Taurus people in the year ahead. Constant twists and turns will make their love life exciting in the coming year but too much of it might even harm it as a whole.